The Redheads Behind J.L. Bass

J.L. Bass is the creative pen name of award-winning writer, Lara Zuehlke, and her mother, Jan Zuehlke, Ph.D. It's not every day a mother and daughter team up to write a novel, but these two passionate redheads love the creative process, and of course, telling a great story.

Jan held the roles of researcher, idea generator, and muse, while Lara crafted and labored over every word throughout the writing process. Hailing from Clifton, a small Texas town quite similar to the fictitious town of Murdoch, Jan and Lara found inspiration from various true-life events to develop No Motive in Murdoch.

Why a pen name? 

The pen name pays tribute to the many years of work (and many glasses of wine) that went into this novel. Jan and Lara first began exploring the idea of a book nearly 20 years ago.

From the initial brainstorms and character sketches to gathering dialogue and creating the storyline (which changed right up until the very end), the two worked closely together every step of the way. 

What does J.L. Bass mean? 

The name originates from the letters in Jan (J) and Lara (L) paired with Jan's father's middle name of Bass. Most of all, Bass is a heckuva lot easier to spell than Zuehlke!


More Information & Bios

For author bios about Jan and Lara, downloadable high-res images, and a book fact sheet, please visit the Media page



Authors Jan Zuehlke (left) and Lara Zuehlke (right) in downtown Clifton.

Authors Jan Zuehlke (left) and Lara Zuehlke (right) in downtown Clifton.